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New Snuggle Fleece

fruit cuddle fleeceNow winter’s here we’ve been getting in new winter stock, and we were very pleased to unpack the very warm looking and feeling fleeces.

This pink fruit cuddle fleece is even softer than normal fleeces making it ideal for babies and children’s blankets. It is priced at £8.30 per metre and it 153cm/ 60″ wide.

We also got in this lovely blue hearts cuddle fleece hearts fleece which is another beautiful design, with the lovely blues and deep purples. This fleece is also priced at £8.30 per metre and is also 153cm/ 60″ wide. This would also make a beautifully soft babies’ or young child’s blanket but it might also appeal to the older child.

If these Buy online via our Webshopnew fleeces interest you and you want to see more why not visit our webshop for more fleeces where we sell both our new fleeces and many more. If you in the area then why not pop into our shop in Bridport Dorset to see our full range of fleeces and fabrics.


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