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Best Sponge for Tiling / Grouting and Many Other Uses

Foam 1kg bagNow available – mixed bag of sponge/foam offcuts. This is what the professional tilers use for grouting. It’s firm and long-lasting, and can also be used for a multitude of other household tasks such as window-cleaning. There is a mixture of sizes in each bag, and you can cut any larger pieces to size easily.

There are two different sizes of bag available. The medium bag is approx 0.5kg in weight and the larger approx 1kg. A medium bag costs £9.75 including delivery and a large bag £14.95. Both sizes are available to purchase from our Ebay shop. If you need a larger piece of foam cut to size or shape, we can also help. See our foam cutting service or contact us for details.

Buy this item now through our Ebay shop

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