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Ticking fabric

Cotton ticking fabric is very popular in our area, so we always aim to keep a good range in stock. Ticking is a wide, striped fabric which can be used for curtains, cushions and seat covers as well as mattresses. By imaginative trimming you can achieve some really super results, as you can see from this example cushion cover. As this is a wide fabric (over 80″ wide) it can work out very economically for large curtains. As a cotton fabric, ticking is prone to shrinkage on washing, so please allow up to 10% for shrinkage on any items that may be washed (we recommend washing the fabric before cutting).
In the main photograph you can see a variety of striped designs which are currently in stock. All are at least 82″/208cm wide, all are 100% cotton and the price is £12.55 per metre.

We also stock featherproof ticking for making cushions and pillows, also known as downproof cambric. Please ask for details.

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