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New linen fabrics

Linen fabrics are very popular here at Livingstone Textiles, so we are pleased to have a new range in stock. These range from a very coarse textured natural linen through to fine dress linens and are shown below:

The first is this coarse natural rustic linen. In a dark natural colour only, this has many slubs in the weave. It would be fabulous for upholstery and we can envisage it being used to make exremely authentic re-enactment clothing. This cloth is 97cm/38″ wide and costs £9.50 per metre.

Second we have our excellent staple natural 100% linen. This is very similar to the linen cotton union we have stocked in the past. It has a good close weave and is used for upholstery, seat cushions, loose covers as well as curtains and blinds. It is quite a stiff fabric, though it softens up on washing. It is however subject to shrinkage. This fabric is 148cm/59″ wide and a bargain at only £8.40 per metre. Please allow for 10% shrinkage on washing.

We also have two lovely soft linens which are heavy enough for making curtains or cushions, though they could equally be used for clothing. There is a smooth soft blue and a textured grey. These fabrics are £9.50 per metre and the grey fabric is 141cm/55″ wide. The blue is a little wider at 147cm/58″ wide.

Lastly I wanted to show you this delicious pink lightweight linen. The main use of this fabric would be for dressmaking as it is much lighter than the other fabrics. This is another narrow fabric at 89cm/35″ wide and costs £5.50 per metre.

These fabrics are in addition to our range of pure Irish linens and linen-cotton mixes which come in a broad range of colours from navy to orange via green and gold. Please call in to the shop to see the full range, or ask for samples to suit your requirements.

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