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Linen Tea Towels

This was a really fun item that Meg received in the post – what a fun way to invite people to your wedding, with a printed tea towel! Being a creative type, Meg was not to be outdone and here is a picture of her personalised answer – her own linen tea towel. It took very little time to make with a lovely linen-cotton mix we have here in the shop and a trio of bright bias bindings which Meg used upside down to add texture and which will fray in the wash to give a lovely effect.
It got us thinking that with the cost of linen tea towels it might be worth making your own. We have a great range of colours of linen fabric and linen-mixes in the shop. With just a few hems you could have a linen tea towel to your own size and specification ready to go almost in minutes.

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