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Curtain Header Tape and Buckram

We have a full range of curtain header tape and buckram in stock. Our standard 3″ curtain tape (also known as rufflette tape) creates a pencil pleat heading and comes in two finishes. The first is suitable for lightweight curtains and is made with strings for the curtain hooks to hook through. The second is the standard curtain tape our seamstresses use for all our made to measure curtains and has woven cotton pockets for the curtain hooks, which do not pull with heavier curtains. The lightweight tape costs 55p per metre, and the standard is £1.10 per metre.

Additional Curtain Header Tapes

  • 1″ polyester curtain tape
  • 2″ pencil pleat tape
  • 1″ voile/net curtain tape
  • 2″ voile/net curtain tape
  • 2″ velcro friendly curtain pelmet tape
  • 3″ velcro friendly curtain pelmet tape
  • 6″ premium curtain tape
  • Loose lining header tape
  • 3″ Triple Pleat header tape
  • Eyelet curtain tape

We also stock roman blind tape, roman blind cord and buckram stiffener in 4″, 5″, 6″ and 12″ widths.

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