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Shop Interior gets a Mini Makeover

So much fabulous fabric, where do we put it and how do we diplay it to the best effect? That’s been the burning question at Livingstone Textiles of late. You may already have seen we expanded further into craft fabrics which meant a new display area, and now it was the turn of our curtain fabrics. Squeezed into Sunday when the shop was shut, our intrepid carpenters burnt the midnight oil (but luckily nothing else) as they toiled on our new display area. Now it may not be the most exiciting event that ever happened in Bridport, but we are really pleased with the result. We hope it is easier for you to see what we have and it’s certainly easier for us to get it out for you to have a good look. If you call in you might find fabrics you didn’t know we had – just don’t be surprised to find that things have moved from where you last saw them (sorry about that!).

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