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Prom Dress Patterns and Fabric

Now we are more than half way through the school year, this year’s leavers and GCSE students are thinking ahead to when the exams are all over and they can celebrate in style. Our tailor’s dummy Miss Haversham is dressed up in style to show what can be done with a stunning fabric and a little imagination. She even has a ‘corsage’ made of fabric from our scrap baskets – these scraps are free for students and children. For those whose imagination needs a little help, we have dress patterns in stock and are happy to help you work out your fabric requirements. This particular prom dress fabric is currently on sale at £4.95 per metre and will be snapped up at that price, but there are plenty more to choose from in store including our lovely faux silks which can be ordered from our sample hangers and are suitable for both curtains and dressmaking.

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