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ICHF 2012 – Craft Fabrics and Italian Buttons

This week was our second trip to the International Craft and Hobby Fair at the NEC – this is the trade fair we attended for the first time last year. It was a different experience for the team as we now know more about what our customers like and are looking for. There was a very upbeat atmosphere and it appears that all kinds of craft activity including sewing are still on the up and up. Two particular excitements for us were first of all looking into bringing in a range of craft fabrics. We were especially taken by this sea quilt and the fabrics it is made from. Plus a lovely range of London and British themed fabrics which are right up to the minute for this summer’s exciting events. We’ll keep you posted when we know they’ll be coming in. Secondly we fell in love with this range of Italian buttons – bright zingy colours, unusual shapes and fabulous prices. We’ve put in an order, so look out for them in the shop in a few weeks time.

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