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Cushion pads and Bolsters

We stock high quality cushions in a variety of sizes and shapes. The picture shows some of the different sizes hung up on our visit to the Melplash Show. These are in cushion covers we have made from fabric we stock. Sizes range from 30″ large cushions (floor cushions) down to 14″ square cushions. Every cushion inner pad is high quality fibre filling, and well stuffed right to the corners.

Cushions Pads

These cushion inner pads come in the following sizes and prices :

14″ square (approx 36cm) – £3.15 per cushion pad
16″ square (approx 41cm) – £3.50 per cushion pad
18″ square (approx 46cm) – £3.80 per cushion pad
20″ square (approx 51cm) – £5.10 per cushion pad
24″ square (approx 61cm) – £9.40 per cushion pad
30″ square (approx 77cm) – 16.50 per cushion pad

Bolster Cushion

We stock these bolsters in our standard size of 7″ (approx 17cm) diameter and 18″ (approx 46cm) long. Each bolster pad is £6.00. We can also get bolster cushions made to your specification – contact us with your measurements to request a price. This can be particularly useful for caravan or camper van seating.

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