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Roller Blind Fabric Service

If you have a roller blind which needs replacing but your fixings are still perfectly ok, or if you want a roller blind to match other window dressings in your room such as curtains, you need a specially treated roller blind fabric. You can buy ready stiffened fabrics, but this limits your choice. Or you can buy a spray on stiffener, but these can be tricky to get right. The best solution we have found is an iron-on roller blind fabric stiffener. Using this stiffener you can turn most fabric into replacement roller blind fabric so long as it can take a hot iron and is not too thick to roll up once it is stiffened. In this way you are able to have your roller blind in a matching or co-ordinating fabric to curtains in the same or a nearby room and you broaden your choice of fabrics.

We offer this roller blind backing fabric to create fabric for roller blinds from any of our suitable fabrics either in stock or to order from our extensive range of hangers. Please contact us with your blind measurements for a quote or call in to the shop to browse our range of fabrics.

This treatment is also suitable for creating large fabric banners – these were made for the window display at our local Oxfam shop and are eight feet long! The fabric is stiffened and then sewn so that it can be hung on a pole in the shop window, and weighted with a metal pole in the base.

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