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Report from Melplash Show 2011

Well the weather held fair for most of the day for this great British tradition – the agricultural show! Our lovely yurt was filled with what seemed like half the contents of the shop when we were transporting it from A to B and looked totally sumptuous to us. We were especially thrilled with the cushion ‘solar system’ and will be seeing if we can reproduce this in the shop.

Not content with selling fabric to the fair visitors, between us we also managed to enter some of the show competitions and gained second prize for Sausage Rolls (men only class, which may give you a clue as to who entered – we shall be expecting more to be made for the staff on a regular basis) and both second prize and highly commended in the Bag for Life category. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the creative entries, especially the childrens’ ‘Vehicle made of vegetables’! Well done to those who made the effort to enter – I will be seeing what I can contribute next year.

Our quiz competition proved popular, with over 70 entries, and we know you are eager to check your answers and find out if you were the winner. The answers are published below, but as the lucky winner has already been informed we are sorry to say that if you haven’t heard you weren’t successful this time. We’re likely to be doing it all again next year, so you can try again then!

1. Waffle cloth is :
 a) A politician’s cravat.
 b) A textured cotton with a honeycomb weave.
 c) An open fabric used for dishcloths.
 Correct answer is b)

2. Sizing is :
 a) The process of altering a garment to fit.
 b) Making a grab for something you want.
 c) A chemical finish applied to a fabric to give body or stiffness.
 Correct answer is c)

 3. Bump, Crash and Scrim are all types of :
 a) Processes used in upholstery.
 b) Domestic fabrics.
 c) Outcomes of a road accident.
 Correct answer is b) (Bump is curtain interlining, Crash is a fabric used for embroidery and scrim can be used in upholstery or for cleaning windows)

 4. Machine basting is :
 a) A long stitch that can be pulled out easily.
 b) Ensuring chicken does not burn when cooking on a rotisserie.
 c) Neatening the edge of fabric to stop it fraying.
Correct answer ia a) Basting is another name for tacking.

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