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Oilcloth Tablecloth Fabric

Here you can see a selection of our range of pvc vinyl tablecloth fabric (also known as oilcloth). This tabling is 54″/137cm wide and comes in a range of designs – the selection we have in stock is constantly changing.

We also stock a clear vinyl tablecloth which gives you a wipe clean tablecloth while still allowing you to see the table beneath. These oilcloth tablecloths are also suitable for lining shelves or drawers to give an easily cleanable surface. Most of the oilcloth tablecloths are priced at £7.50 per metre, except for the clear vinyl tablecloth, which is £5.50.

Vinyl Tablecloth

See below for pictures of some of the current range :

We do not currently send out these tablecloths by mail order because they are not suitable for folding, but why not call into the shop when you are in the Bridport area to see what we have?

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2 thoughts on “Oilcloth Tablecloth Fabric

  1. Hello. Have you got clear plastic tablecloth covers?

    1. Hi Patricia, yes we have clear plastic tablecloth cover in stock at our Bridport shop. It comes on the roll, is 137cm wide and £5.90 per meter.

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