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Fake Fur Fabric and Coloured Fun Fur

Fake fur or Faux fur can be used for a variety of purposes, not least dressing up – something we have a strong tradition of here in Bridport. We stock a range of faux fur fabric. First is this range of fabulous coloured fun fur. This fake fur fabric is 60″/150cm wide and comes in a range of bright and pastel shades including silver, pale pink, pale blue, lime green, emerald green (not shown), lilac, red, bright blue and yellow.

We also stock these animal fur fabrics. The textured fake fur in black or brown is £8.90 per metre and is 66″/167cm wide. The zebra fur is £10.90 per metre for 60″/150cm wide. The super tiger fur fabric is also 60″/150cm wide and is £10.00 per metre. To buy fur fabric please email us.

Lastly here are a couple of teddies our customers have made using fur they bought from us – we think you’ll agree they are lots of fun!

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