Livingstone Textiles was established in Bridport in 1971 by Arthur Lloyd and his son John. Taking its name from Livingstone Mill in Burnley, the Lloyds former employer, the business grew into a thriving mail order business. Due to John and wife Cheryl’s impending retirement in 2010 it looked as though Bridport and the West Country were going to lose the fabulous resource of Livingstone Textiles.

Back from the Brink

Livingstone was saved at the eleventh hour by local husband and wife team Tom Baldry and Megan Standage. Tom has run a furniture restoration and upholstery business, English Home Antiques, in Bridport since 1993 and took the decision to rescue Livingstone Textiles from closure. Tom and Meg took over in October 2010 and are taking the business from strength to strength.

Livingstone Textiles has a new and expanded team for the new era. Building on the expertise of 40 years trading, what all the team share is a passion for fabric and a love of everything hand made. We aim to provide old fashioned customer service and are happy to talk to you about your requirements.

Tom Baldry – Tom has lived in Bridport since his parents moved here during his childhood. With a background in furniture restoration and upholstery, Tom’s passion is furnishing fabrics. He is thriving in his role as a draper and enjoys listening to the customers about just how many other things they do with the fabric he supplies.

Megan Standage – Meg loves sewing, crafting and endlessly produces creative items to display in the shop. You will find her at Livingstone Textiles on a Saturday, having a change of scene from her regular job.

Madeline Warren – Madeline has been part of the Livingstone Textiles team for over twenty-five years. Providing expertise and continuity from the past to the future, Madeline is a knowledgeable and talented seamstress who provides our hand made to measure service. If you don’t know, ask Madeline!

Anne Orchard – Anne learned to sew at her mother’s knee, and has knitted both as a hobby and for practical purposes since she was five years old. As a member of the new team, Anne’s main problem is how not to spend all her earnings on the fabulous goodies in the shop – as well as how to find the time for all the new projects that result.

Bronwen Feather – Bronwen has a Fine Arts degree and enjoys art textiles and design.  She is very creative and can show you clever ways to put fabrics together that will enhance your room settings in ways you may not have thought of.  Bron also makes some of her own clothes in her own unique style as well as making fabulous costumes for her children.

Jane Wittlin – Jane has been sewing for years now and comes from a caring background.  Her kind nature makes her well suited to customer service and as a skilled dressmaker, she can give helpful advice on patterns and suitable materials.  She also enjoys making bags and items for the home.  Jane is part time, as are most of the staff.

Laura Cox – Laura has a soft furnishing and crafts background.  She is a whiz with a sewing machine and is also one of our makers. She has an eye for colour and interior design and can advise you on all your projects. Like all of the staff here, she is a bit of a fabric junkie!

Maisie Harley – Maisie is our lovely Saturday girl.  She is a skilled dressmaker currently doing a textiles course at Exeter college.  She makes wonderful shirts and hopes to have a future career in the textiles business.

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