We sell buttons individually in store from our extensive range, which you can see pictured below. Prices range from 5p to £3 for our most expensive buttons, and there are many sizes to choose from. There are buttons for all uses from replacing a shirt button to decorating a bag and there is a huge array of colours as you can see. Also in store we have a selection of retro and one-off buttons. These are on cards and are priced for the card (number of buttons per card varies). We also have plastic self-cover buttons in a variety of sizes. Please visit the shop to see the full current range as the buttons we have in stock do vary from time to time.

Buttons – White, Cream and Wood

Buttons – Pink and Metal

Buttons – Purple and Yellow

Buttons – Brown

Buttons – Red and Cerise

Buttons – Green and Orange

Buttons – Black and Grey

Buttons – Blue

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