How To Make Eyelet Curtains Using Eyelet Tape

No special tool is required to make eyelet curtains using our tape and eyelets. To calculate fabric requirements for eyelet curtains see How To Measure for Curtains and Drapes

Turn down approx 1 cm at top of curtain , sew along the top of the tape to the top of the curtain, with plastic tabs facing you.
This is easier if you use a piping/zipper foot.
If you are lining your curtains with a separate lining, only take the lining to the bottom sewing line of the tape, below the eyelets.
Draw round the circles.
Cut away the fabric inside of the ring Press eyelet in place from the right side of curtain
Snap in place with fingers; this will trap all the raw edges in.
Machine along the bottom and sides of the tape.
If you are lining the curtains, tuck the lining under the bottom of tape before doing the final row of stitching.
You can hook the tape together at the back of the curtain to form pleats, for this you will need between 2 and 2 and quarter times fullness.
If you want to use less material than double fullness, just slip the eyelet curtains on pole , not using the plastic tabs.

Buy online via our WebshopCost of eyelet heading tape £4.40 per metre (6 eyelets) including snap-in plastic eyelet rings.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Eyelet Curtains Using Eyelet Tape

    • You should have an even number of eyelets on the tape – the maximum number you can fit on the curtain at 6 eyelets to the metre. Then position the tape so you have the same gap at each edge of the curtain.

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